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What is 'Country French Furniture'

Country French Furniture brings together many periods from French furniture history, particularly Louis XV, Louis XVL, Regence, Directoire and Louis Phillipe.

Country French Furniture is a way of life of many families living in the French country homes in Normandy, Bordeaux and Provence.

French Country Furniture became popular during the Louis Xlll period. When Henry iV was assassinated in1610 his successor, Louis Xlll was too young to rule. Marie de Medici and later, the Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin ruled in his place as regents. During this time, the middle class became much wealthier.

Now, not only did the Parisians want beautiful furniture, but the 'new' middle class people from the country wanted to enjoy their surroundings.

Country French incorporates simplicity and centricity, bringing together simple farmhouse table and chairs , large carved sideboards and elegant armoires to give a feeling of comfort.

Country French will never go out of fashion; this style will continue to charm us for many years to come as it is so well loved by so many people throughout the world.

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