Ideas on How to Decorate A Cottage Hall...

...from The White Cottage

The hall is the central passage way through your home and generally is the smallest room in your home, but at this, it has the greatest amount of traffic, so gathering great amounts of clutter and mess form normal everyday activities and items. Here we provide ideas on how to decorate your cottage hallway to create the most amount of storage and make your hall appear larger.

Our range of hall furniture removes the mess and keeps your hall clutter free therefor creating a relaxing and stree free environment.

Design your hall with a console table, a white table will help the hall appear large while provide a place for a lmap and letter holder

Our hall furniture provides hall storage and lots of it! The most popular piece to add while designing your hall is a console table, preferably with drawers to hide way the daily clutter . The table top gives a place for a lamp and can be accessorised with your favourite pieces. A white console table will allow light to flow through the hall creating a large space.

A great idea when decorating your hall is to add a storage bench with hooks above.

Children generally run run in the front door after a hard day at school straight to the kitchen, in the process dump their bags, coats and shoes at their feet leaving your nice clean and tidy home a mess immediately they return bringing the stress right back to you. You really are glad to see them!

Our hall furniture offers arange of items to suit your needs. Our storage trunks are excellent for storing wellies, school bags, shoes, toys and files. The storage trunk is easily opened giving your family no excuse not to tidy up aget they are finished. We have a range of storage benches to match your syle or size. Each storage bench has with two or three baskets for shoe storage

Coat stands prevent the bannister being used to hang coats. The coat stand also provide hanging areas for hats and scarves, with a rotating top for easy access. An umbrella stand is included to prevent tripping accidents with constantly falling umbrellas.

The white tallboy chest of drawers provides excellent storage with five shallow drawers for smaller everyday pieces such as school notes, letters, keys, stationary etc that are left lying around to be dealt with at a later stage.

The white chest of three drawers has deeper drawers, so is ideal for larger everyday items such as school bags, files and hallway shoe storage.

A white chest of drawers in you hallway allows so much storage. When designing or re decorating your hall, it is so important yo plan for the required amount of storageyour hall

A hall table as a piece of hall furniture creates a centre piece where a lamp, piture frames and flowers will add a touch of elegance to your hall. A letter holder prevents the important letters lying around and getting lost until they are dealt with. A wall mirror abover your hall table allows you to make the final adjustments before you leave and gives impression of extra space.

White hall furniture for smaller hallway has the extra benefit of giving a feeling of more space while hiding away your mess.

Re-decorate your cottage hallway to allow maximum amount of light

Create a calming atmosphere in your home with our range of hall furniture.

When planning a design or simply decorating your hall, it is vital to include as much storage space as possible. This is an area in the house that will so quickly get cluttered.