The White Lighthouse Furniture

comprises of 3 branches specialising in 3 specific design areas.

The White Lighthouse was founded in 2003 to fill a niche found by its creators when trying to impart their style to their respective homes.
We found there was a niche for high quality and yet realistically priced pieces of furniture that make a statement in a home to portray the classic styles.

The White Lighthouse - - as its name suggests provides white furniture with its inspiration derived from the classic New England style with white sandy beaches, sparse sand dunes and crisp white furniture to suit anything from a beautiful beach side retreat the to the grandest of Georgian architecture. Furniture includes white bedroom furniture, bedside tables, hallway furniture,, bathroom cabinets and white console table.

White Cottage Living - - specialises in classic shabby chic, country style crafted pieces of furniture to suit country cottage properties from the chocolate box thatched cottage to the large Victorian steeds.

Funkpopart Furniture - - offers funky contemporary, retro and Scani style furniture

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Welcome to White Cottage Living where you can shop online for a french furniture, shabby chic furniture and Cream French Furniture. White Cottage Living
is the sister company of The White Lighthouse Ltd,