Bar Harbor White Bedside Table

Bar Harbor small white bedside table. 25cm wide

Bar Harbor 25cm white small bedside table with basket

close photogrpah for small 25cm wide narrow white bedroom furniture - Bar Harbor small bedside table




A narrow white bedside table with one lined willow basket drawer and a wooden drawer with round knob handle.

The Bar Harbor range is a simple, yet practical range of white storage furniture. The unit is finished in a white satin paint, with drawer frontages resembling tongue and groove wood of a typical Harbour style. The size of the units make these excellent storage beside the bed or other bedroom storage.

Bar Harbor Small Bedside Table Dimensions:
Height: 45.5cm
Width: 25cm Top 28cm
Basket W: 23cm, D: 21cm, H; 17cm
Drawer: W: 24cm, D: 20cm, H; 17cm

Fully Assembled

Price: £35




    close photogrpah for white bedroom furniture - Bar Harbor small bedside table      
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