Cottage Living Room Furniture

Browse the wide range of furniture for living room design and decorating ideas that The White Cottage offers including lamp tables, side tables, stools, sideboards, tv cabinets and coffee tables.
White Console or sofa Table with antique brass handles, ideal sitting room furniture
White Console Table
White sofa or Console table with simple knob handles for a white cottage living room
White Console Table
Kinsington silver ribbed side table to decorate an elegant cottage living room
Kensington Ribbed Silver Side Table £99
Padstow Cream Lamp table with baskets. Great storage solutions for all styles of cottage rooms
Padstow Cream Lamp Table £110
Dorchester throw ladder for living room. Fabulous idea to store blankets and throoms for cosy evenings in front of the fire.
Dorchester Ladder
Grey living room lamp table with shelf and drawer
Grey Colonial Lamp Table £90
Grey lamp table with drawers, decorate your living room in coastal or beach cottage style with hues of grey
Grey Colonial Lamp Table £130
Grey colonial half moon console table for cottage sitting room furniture. Ideas for a small beach cottage room
Colonial Console Table
Colonial grey console table with a shelf to display home decor pieces. Beach cottage decor in shades of grey
Colonial Console Table
Cononial furniture for your cottage living room. Ideas for a grey console table, storage with drawers and a shelf for baske
Colonial Console Table
White butlers tray table. Such a versatile piece and great idea to decorate for a small cottage living room. Fold it and store it until you have guests
Butlers Tray Table
Bridgeport grey small console table. Such a wonderful range for decorating beach and coastal cottages with shades of the greys seas of UK
Bridgeport Grey Console Table £125
Bridgeport grey console table. Such a wonderful range for decorating country cottages with shades of the greys skies of UK
Bridgeport Grey Console Table £139
Bridgeport grey lamp table. Shades of grey for country cottage living rooms
Bridgeport Grey Lamp Table £110
Bridgeport grey lamp table for cottage living room interiors
Bridgeport Grey Lamp Table £115
Cambridge cream sideboard with baskets and drawers. Ideal storage for living room cottages.
Cambridge Cream Sideboard £149
Grey willow storage seat or table. An essential piece for decorating small cottage  living rooms
Willow Storage Table / Stool £85
Cove Bay small hall table or lamp table. A classic white table for pure white interior decorating
Cove Bay Lamp Table £135
Norfolk cream console table, ideal sofa table for decorating your beach cottage living room
Norfolk Console Table
Cove Bay white beach cottage stlye lamp table with bookshelf and drawer
Cove Bay Lamp Table £105
Set of grey baskets. Essential piece of storage for every single cottage living room, store toys, books and whatever else you want to hide
Basket Storage Table
Grey wall shelf with drawers. The Parisian shelf is a cute idea to decorate a spare wall in your living room
Grey Wall Shelf
Tall Rose white cabinet with 4 drawers. What a fabulous storage idea, tall and narrow for small cottage living rooms
Rose White Tall
The Providence furniture range is perfect for french country cottage style sitting rooms
Providence Cupboard £96
Providence Sideboard is an ideal for decorating french country cottage living room
Providence Sideboard £130
Providence Side Lamp Table with drawers for french country cottage design
Providence Side Lamp Table £45
White simple Scandi tripod table for decorating a modern Scandinavian cottage style living room
White Tripod Side Table £40
Kensington silver and white small table
Kensington Silver and White Side Table £75
Brittany White Lamp Table
Brittany White Lamp Table £110
Brittany white console table with shelf and drawers
Brittany White Sideboard
Rosewood narrow sideboard. A great idea on how to decorate your shabby chic cottage style home
Rosewood Narrow SIdeboard Now £119
Rosewood narrow chest of drawers. Perfect idea, tall and narrow shabby chic table for country cottages
Rosewood Narrow Chest Drawers £60
Rosewood lamp table with drawers, a pretty pink and white shabby chic cottage living room furniture
Rosewood Lamp Table £49
Panama storage trunk table for living room furniture
Panama Storage Trunk Table £88
Grayswood grey table for living room furniture
Grayswood Table
Hamptons cream sideboard. Perfect idea for decorating with country cottage living room furniture
Hamptons Cream Sideboard £119
Hamptons glazed cabinet with cupboard and drawers. Ideal storage solution for decorating cream cottage living rooms
Hamptons Cream Glazed Cabinet £125
Vermont white storage trunk. Perfect idea for a television cabinet for your cottage living room
Vermont White Storage Trunk £99
Vermont white tv cabinet with oodles of extra storage for cottage furniture
Vermont White TV Cabinet £150
Newport french grey hall table with drawers and shelf. Decorate and design a french country cottage style living room
Newport French Grey Hall Table £150
Newport french grey console table with drawers and shelf for ideas in decorating french style cottage living rooms
Newport French Grey Console Table £150
Decorate your living room with New Hampshire living room white ladder to display and store throws and blankets for cosy evenings
New Hampshire White Blanket Ladder £44
A white chest of drawers is a wonderful idea for white cottage living rooms, plenty of storage and the white creates the look of a space
New England White Sideboard £299
White sideboard for white cottage Living room furniture and design ideas
New England White Sideboard £299
Portland grey small lamp or drinks table, how to decorate your cottage living room interior design
Grey Portland Tripod Table £25

The White Cottage Living Room Furniture... Ideas in designing nd decorating your cottage living room

Along with our cottage home accessories you can decorate your cottage living room with style and elegance at great value. We offer advice and assisstance on ideas and how to decorate your living room in cottage style and how to create a wonderful room that you will want to spend time in.

With so many styles and ideas for decorating your cottage living room, you will be able to create and build your own unique design. A few examples of comfy cottage living rooms include...

Beach Cottage, a classic coastal combination of white and blues. The bright white is a perfect base to add variations of blues for an amazing combo. Mismatched pieces of furniture anddecor united in themes and colours are perfect of this living room style.
Shabby Chic, florals and lace offer a calming feminie touch of cottage chic, slightly distressed furniture will finish the look.
White Cottage, combining different pieces with white furniture with white home decor pieces and white painted floorboards for an idyllic cottage look while creating an illusion of space for a small living room


The White Cottage for ideas in living room designs and how to decorate your living room
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